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As fresh air is the basic right of every citizen, air quality monitoring with App has been planned for the residents of Jaipur. The App will keep one informed about the pollution levels in the air. This will also be a guide for everyone how to bring down the pollution levels so that the carbon level does not rise drastically.

This project of Jaipur Smart City Limited was done in convergence with Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board. The app is known as Raj Vayu which would be used for sharing information about air quality index of Jaipur.

Raj Vayu is based on the data collected by sophisticated air quality monitoring equipment and weather sensors. It would share details about the air quality, such as levels of pollutants like Particulate Matter, SOx, NOx, CO, Ozone particles with the city residents and tourists. Information about temperature, humidity, wind speed, weather forecast, and advisories would also be issued through this App.

Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) is the first state Board in the country to have this app for its citizens. This is based on the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting Research (SAFAR-India).

The estimated cost of the project was Rs.1.10 Cr. and expenditure incurred on the project is Rs. 1 Cr. The project was started on 11 Jan 2017 and was completed within 5 months since inception.