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Jaipur Smart City Limited has recently included in its folds, work towards conservation, restoration and revival of historic water structures of Jaipur, including the city’s stepwells. These historic water structures held significant importance amongst the communities of drought-prone areas of Rajasthan. Called baori, kund, jhalara, johad and others, in the local dialect, their architectural manifestations are diverse.

Dotted across Jaipur, these historic water structures are important markers in the history and evolution of the city and its life and times. Recognizing their values- ranging from their historical and associational, to ecological, architectural, sacred and spiritual- the opportunities and potential of engagement are far-reaching. The aim is to build a repertoire of opportunities and models of sustainable management and maintenance of these historically important cultural assets.

One leg of this project is currently underway through convergence with the Jaipur Municipal Corporation.  14 of the 49 historic water structures are currently being conserved through this convergence for a cost of approximately INR 4 crores. 80% of this work is complete on site.

Work on the remaining historic water structures is envisioned to include not only heritage conservation but also watershed management / ecological restoration, rainwater harvesting, cultural revival & tourism development, adaptive re-use and heritage anchored infrastructure development responsive to the vision in the Smart City Proposal document for Jaipur.