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The walled city of Jaipur is known for its pink color and many tourists visit Jaipur to witness the traditional pink color of Jaipur. The façade improvement work is planned by Jaipur smart city Limited to restore this façade which is the peculiar identity of Jaipur. Strict facade controls were followed to give asymmetry as well a visual delight to people visiting Jaipur, however, over time additions have caused visual clutter. Facade improvement work is planned to rejuvenate the city with its heritage look.

The major work planned in this project is restoring the façade which has gone haywire due to a lot of unplanned development in the walled city area. The main work which is being done in the façade improvement is scrapping, repairing of doors and windows, stucco painting around door and windows, araish work etc. These are age-old techniques which were used while the Jaipur city was laid down. This will also help to understand the techniques used in yesteryears.

The restoration work has been done using the traditional material. These include things like lime plaster (mixture of lime putty, coarse sand, surkhi with admixtures like Gur, Methi and Gugal), Kara, Khameera (a mixture of yellow sand called ramrajj and red stone gum called pevar with kesula flowers), lime dhar (lime mortar reinforced with jute fibers) etc.

The façade development work is planned for 9 bazars presently which are lining the main streets. The Bazar which are chosen have very high visibility for all the tourist coming to Jaipur. 9 important bazars will get facade makeover are Kishanpole Bazar, Gangori Bazar, Chandpole Bazar, Sireh Deodhi Bazar, Ramganj Bazar, Ghat Gate Bazar, Chowkri Modi Khana, Subhash Chowk and Suraj Pole Bazar.

Work in progress in 9 Bazars is as follows Kishanpole Bazar (95%), Chandpole Bazar (40%), Gangori Bazar (75%) and Sirieh Deodhi Bazar (25%), Subhash Chowk (20%), Ramganj (10%), Ghat Gate Bazar (10%), Suraj Pol Bazar (10%), Chokri Modi Khana (0%).

The plan is to maximize all efforts which got started on 13th October 2016 and complete it by October 2018. The cost of the project is Rs.14.62 Cr. After the completion, it will give a totally new look to the walled city area of Jaipur.