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The common Ticketing system is a unique project of Jaipur Smart City Limited. It is based on the use of open-loop standard based contactless smart card working on the methodology of ‘tap and go’ to pay for the different services offered by different government agencies and private operators. The project will benefit the commuters in seamless transport between city buses and metro in the city.

This is one project which will integrate all the serviced of the Government in times to come in a phased manner. These cards would be linked to central clearinghouse system and can be used by anyone for a common payment in JSCLT buses, Jaipur metro, metro parking, etc.

The project is to be implemented in two phases. The first phase will cover ticketing for transport in city buses & metro, ticketing at monuments & heritage sites in Jaipur and payments at shopping malls and retailers. The second phase will cover ticketing for transport in mini-buses, payment of property tax / urban development tax in Jaipur city, ticketing at parking stands, ticketing at Bicycle Sharing Stands, for payment towards taxi services and payment through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile payment, mobile wallet etc.

The details of this project are getting worked out and once it is implemented, it will change the experience of the user altogether.