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This is a unique project to highlight all the problems related to oneself using this app.  As mobile applications enable the citizens to report the issues and grievances related to the streets in the city and other issues related to the government departments.  All the reported issues are accounted for and the one gets assured support from the concerned department.

Through Rajasthan Sampark, Government of Rajasthan intends to achieve all important aspects of good governance viz. Robust Delivery System, Transparency, Communication, Grievance Redressal and Sensitivity towards citizens while Jaipur Samdhan is an initiative by Jaipur Nagar Nigam to reach out directly to citizens. Using this app, the citizens of Jaipur can register complains and problems related to Jaipur Nagar Nigam. They can also check the live status of complaints posted. Users can also view the complete history of complaints done by them with timelines.

The citizens can report the issues and problems upon noticing it. The benefits of these mobile applications are:

  • A strong mechanism for reporting and resolving of grievances.
  • Citizens will serve themselves and to the society by reporting the issues such as street problems related to potholes, lights, and accidents etc.
  • Safety on the roads leading towards minimization of incidents
  • Reducing and minimizing the incidents due to bad condition of the streets
  • Works as confidence building measure

Apart from the problem related with water, sewage and cleaning, the street problems like pot-holes, water-logging and street lighting can also be reported by Jaipur citizens along with submission of picture or photograph as a proof so that immediate action for rectification of the same can be initiated by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation and concerned authorities.

This project of Jaipur Smart City Limited is in convergence with DOIT and Jaipur Municipal Corporation. The cost of the project was estimated to be Rs.2.30 Cr. and the project is completed in Rs. 2 cr. which is below the estimated cost.

The project was initiated on 11 Feb 2017 and was completed on 28 May 2017 within 4 months’ time.