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The Multi-Level car parking (MLCP) project is undertaken by Jaipur Smart City Ltd to east out the congestion in the marketplace. The traffic has increased manifold and the walled city area which is a retrofit area has the limitation of expanding hence the idea of multilevel car parking has been planned for this area. 4 projects have been planned in MLCP namely Chaugan Stadium, Anaj  Mandi , Aatish Market and Jaipuria Hospital. The first 3 projects are in the walled city area or the Area Based development (ABD) area. Jaipur Hospital is added to maximize the facilities in this Hospital to ease out the pressure of SMS Hospital. As no of patients has increased in Jaipuria Hospital in last 4-5 years the present parking space on the ground floor was getting limited, and the entry of the Hospital was fully occupied by vehicles haphazardly parked throughout the place.

The 3 location of the walled city MLCP would definitely ease out the traffic movement on the roads of the Bazars in the vicinity of these parking. The work has already started in all the 3 locations of MLCP. Anaj Mandi MLCP work started on 15 Oct 2017, and the scheduled time of completion is 14 Oct 2019. As it is surrounded by businesses dealing with food grains the roads surrounding the open space is crowded with trucks and other commercial vehicles. One can barely move on foot on these roads in the daytime. The plan is to prepare an MLCP for approximately 200 vehicles. The cost of this project is Rs.14.84 Cr.

Chaugan Stadium MLCP will take care of 2 important things in that area. As Jaipur Smart City Limited is also redeveloping the Stadium into a modern Sports complex with facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and other sports, the parking can be utilized by sportsmen and audience during the time of sports. In the day this parking can be used as normal parking space for all the vehicles which are parked in Gangori Bazar. As this is also the entry if one is coming from north of Jaipur, the main bazar is crowded with vehicles. The entry of Govind Dev Ji temple also adds to the traffic, as people from nearby areas visit Govind Dev Ji temples 5 times a day for prayers. The project has started from 20 December 2017 and is likely to complete by 19 December 2019. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.15.51 Cr. and parking space would be created for approximately 400 cars.

Jaipuria Hospital has come up in a big way as a multi-specialty Govt. hospital and the pressure is increasing every day for the hospital to cater to as many patients as possible. This has come up as a big support for the patient from south of Jaipur, as they can avoid the long queues going to other hospitals which are located in crowded places. Parking would help in reducing the clutter on the main gates of the hospital. The work has already started on 9 November 2017 and scheduled date of completion I 8 November 2019. The provision is made for 220 cars and the estimated cost of the project is Rs.12.41 Cr.

All these parking would be equipped with modern facilities like car sensors to locate parking at the entry, Display board to guide the directions, adequate lighting, lift to the users etc. Once these will be fully functional it will be a great help to commuters in an around this location, as they will enjoy smooth traffic.