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Nalla redevelopment project is undertaken by JSCL to beautify the surrounding of two prime areas and the development of Kiosks in C Scheme and Malviya Nagar. The major highlight would be to cover the Nalla which can be utilized for making a vending zone which can be used by farmers to sell their produce. This would help in enhancing the aesthetic value of these locations and help in cleaning the environment as presently these are used to throw debris which makes the environment dirty.

This would also add more space for people for commercial activity. In the present status, the vending zone gets extended to adjoining roads which reduces the smooth flow of traffic in these prime locations. Nearly by government offices in C Scheme requires a smooth flow of traffic as this area is thronged with people all across the country, which gives an adverse image of the beautiful pink city. Similarly, Hospitals adjoining Malviya Nagar Nalla and nearby airport also requires smooth movement of traffic.

 This will also help in enhancing good health as in both the locations food joints have come up adjoining the Nalla which is a major health hazard for street food lovers.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs.8.15 Cr. where the LOA has been allotted to start the work at the earliest.