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Night market Project of Jaipur Smart City Limited is a unique concept for Jaipur. Presently all the walled city bazaars get closed by 8 - 8.30 p.m. except for the food joints which operate till midnight. This concept is very well accepted in most of the countries which have tourist inflow. As Jaipur is in the golden triangle most of the foreign tourists come to Jaipur. It is also very close by to Delhi and is very well connected with all sort of transport, it makes a great destination for anybody who is landing in Delhi. On weekends it is also a very good destination for one, who wants to enjoy a car drive. A lot of Indian tourists especially from the north come to Jaipur for a short trip on weekends. As most of the site seeing destinations are closed by 5 p.m. tourists have a lot of time which can be utilized for recreational activities at a commonplace.

This project will create extra recreational space for all sorts of tourists till 12 at night. Night Bazar is being planned in Chaura Rasta presently on a weekly basis to begin with. From the New gate, the Bazar would spread out for 300 meters. Theme based, specialty mobile shops would serve delicacies of various themes. The theme would change in accordance with the season and festivity coming around. The products displayed would also be theme based on traditional jewelry, ethnic arts, and crafts, Jaipur special handmade work in paper and cloth, to name a few. Live performances would add value for the people coming to the Night Bazar. As Rajasthan is a culturally rich state this would help tourist to enjoy various art forms at one place. Engagement activities are also being planned for all children and people from all walks of life.

The Night Bazar would also have a Night Haat on the entry of New Gate which would be an altogether different experience, as the allotment of shops would be on the basis on special offerings which can attract tourist coming there. This is also planned to open in the evenings but would serve for all 7 days in a week.

Jaipur Smart City Limited is gearing up fast so that Jaipur can witness an altogether different experience at the earliest. The management of the same would be handled by an experienced event company which can offer a world-class experience in the pink city. Companies who have experience and expertise can come at JSCL office for a better understanding of the concept of Night bazar.