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This is a place which has very high devotional value for people who are residing in Jaipur. As it is in the same premise which has City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jaleb Chowk which are very high tourist attractions. Every Indian tourist has to visit Govind Dev Ji temple after seeing Jantar Mantar and City Palace. Huge lawns behind the temple are great attractions for people visiting the temple and are also connecting walkway to Talkatora lake which is also planned for a makeover.

As Govind Dev Ji temple is part of the Krishna circuit it will provide great value for people who would do Krishna circuit walking around the area. This project is being done in convergence with Department of Tourism. The idea behind this project is to conserve the rich heritage of Jaipur so that it can be cherished by future generations. The facelift of the temple would definitely add to the sentiments which lord Govind Dev Ji have in the heart of residents of Jaipur.

The cost of the project is Rs.14.40 Cr and the work is in the process from 11 September 2017 and is likely to be over with 2 years.