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The smart road project is one of the biggest projects of Jaipur Smart City Limited. This came into existence to enhance the capacities of the retrofit area of the walled city. As the infrastructure was laid out at the time of developing the city, with time wise alteration it is trying to support the changing requirements of the walled city area. The smart road project will change the whole scenario once it is implemented. It is being planned to take care of the present requirements of the walled city area. As it is getting planned with present requirements it will at least take care the changing requirement for the years to come in a better way. The smart road project will take care of the modern need for the traffic requirements. It will also take care of the modern-day surveillance as well as WIFI connectivity for the roads.

The designated parking space on the side of roads, E rickshaw lanes, footpath for walking on the side of the street and demarcated vending zones would create extra space so that the movement of traffic is smooth. As the drainage in the walled city area is age-old, smart road project will take care of the drainage too. Proper connections are planned for the drainage so that the seepage into other drains can be stopped. The utility is the walled city area is not at all planned. As the requirement increased or some new facility came it was added as per requirement not taking an integrated approach. Through Smart Road project all the utilities in the walled city area would be underground. This would clear all the clutter which has been caused due to a lot of wires in the areas. All electricity, telecom wires, other services which require the use of optic fires, water connection etc. which are haphazardly done would be underground.

Proper signage on the roads will also help in the smooth movement of traffic, these will also guide the commuters about various other announcements which can be done through a digital display, like temperature, air pollution, parking announcement etc. Vendors are a big problem in the walled city area of Jaipur. A lot of roads, as well as parking space, is usually occupied by them which make the movement of traffic slow. Demarcated areas will be allocated which can only be utilized as vending zones.

Dedicated sit outs on the side of roads, will help city commuters to rest during walking on these streets. Smart toilets, as well as water ATM, will also add facilities for walled city commuters. Safer crossings and junctions are also getting planned for a smart road project. The plan is to create a city surveillance center which will help in taking care of this area through modern technology at fingertips.

The smart road project will cover all major streets of the walled city area namely Kishan Pole Bazar, Chand Pole Bazar, Tripolia Bazar, Gangori Bazar, Chaura Rasta, Nehru Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Johari Bazar, Chandi Ki Taksal till Jorawar Singh Gate. This is approximately 8 Km area of the walled city. The estimated cost of the project is approximately Rs.192.60 Cr. which includes both the civil as well as ICT work which is being planned for a smart road project.

Ajmeri Gate Junction which is a part of the smart road project is already dedicated to the public on 3 Feb 2018. The beautiful new look Ajmeri Gate has already become an eye catcher for people coming to the walled city area. The cleaning of sewage has started in Kishan Pole Bazar and utility duct casting work is also in progress simultaneously. The start date for the smart road project is 21 July 2017 and Jaipur Smart City Limited is geared up to complete Kishan Pole Bazar by 2018.