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The smart classroom project of Jaipur Smart City Ltd has been undertaken in the smart city proposal to offer quality education to the students of Government schools. As the education has come up in a long way, to provide quality education and keeping abreast with the latest, this project has a very big significance.

The Jaipur Smart City Limited is striving to enhance the learning outcomes of school children using diverse techniques. One of the technique is to empower teachers by training them to use multimedia content and interactive techniques. By having the right mix of the conventional blackboard based teaching along with interactive multimedia techniques, the administration believes that students will have an improved learning experience which will convert into better learning outcomes.

The use of multimedia techniques in the appropriate manner shall help slow learning students to grasp concepts in an easier way. The interaction of technology and content with students and teachers during teaching-learning process, the students will be all the more attentive to what is being taught in the class. Hence, with the overall objective of improving learning outcome in mind.

Jaipur Smart City Limited has set up smart classrooms in the selected Government Institutions of the ABD area of Jaipur including the supply of equipment’s, installation, training and maintenance of the complete smart classroom system.

Schools Covered by this project are mentioned below:

  • Kamla Nehru Govt Girls Sr Sec School Johri Bazar
  • Govt. Girls Sr Sec School Chora Rasta
  • Govt. Girls Sr Sec School KotiKoliyan
  • Govt. Girls Sr Sec School Pano Ka Dariba
  • Govt. Girls Sr Sec school Ghat Gate
  • Govt. Girls Sr Sec school Bhrampuri (Kanwar Nagar)
  • Govt Girls Sr Sec School Telipada
  • Govt. Girls Sr Sec School Ganga Pole
  • Govt. Sec School Bhrampuri
  • Govt. Sec School Ghat Gate
  • Govt, Sr Sec School Manak Chowk
  • Govt Sr Sec Neta Subhash School Motikatla
  • Govt. Sec School DawabKhana (Suraj Pole)
  • Govt Adarsh Girls Sr Sec School Gangori bazar
  • Govt Maharaja Balika Sr Sec School ChotiChopar

Smart classroom project would benefit approximately 5000students taking education in these schools.

Components of Smart Classrooms:

  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Audio Device
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Biometric attendance system
  • Tablets
  • Server
  • Updated content modules

The Smart classrooms solution software consist of the following Modules:

Students module standard wise/ medium of instruction wise/ subject wise and Board wise.

Teacher training module standard wise/ medium of instruction wise/ subject wise and Board wise.

Remedial Class Activities for weak students.

Activities for promoting extra-curricular activities i.e. quiz competition, elocution, debates etc.

The Modules shall be as per CBSE / Rajasthan School Board

The installation of the smart classroom is complete in all respect including the teachers training to use them on regular basis. Approximately 400 teachers were trained from these schools. Thye students and teachers of these schools are all praise for smart classrooms. The project started on 17 April 2017 and was successfully completed on 05 August 2017. The expenditure incurred for this project is Rs 0.89 Cr. Seeing to the success of this project Jaipur Smart City Limited has planned a project of infrastructure development and renovation of 26 government schools of Jaipur.