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It is a major project undertaken by Jaipur Smart City Limited. Talkatora lake is a significant man-made water body, in the walled city area (ABD area) situated on the most important urban axis of the city. Historically the lake was an important component of water catchment systems and landscape design of the city. It has also been used for festival activities. But presently the lake is in a poor condition after the natural water networks feeding it has been ruptured due to unchecked building activities and unimaginative development around the precinct.

Located along the proposed smart Krishna circuit, the lake can become a potential tourist spot and public place for the residents where water recreational activities with a musical fountain, light and sound show, boating facilities and cultural activities can imbue a unique combination to create an attractive place.

The core objective of the project is:

  • To improve the overall physical environment.
  • To revive the connection between lake as a source of water and water landscape systems in the nearby gardens like Jai Niwas Bagh and Pondrick Park which was historically a unique feature.
  • To make popular tourist spot showcasing cultural heritage of Jaipur.
  • To create a public open space in a lake ambiance that is culturally and socially active for various age groups.

The major works which are proposed to revive this lake are as follows:

  • Cleaning and de-silting of the lake and related necessary measures.
  • Civil, architectural, soft/hard landscaping including horticulture and signage work for entrance plaza area, causeway proposed around the lake, octagonal islands inside the lake and other ancillary work.
  • Ambiance lighting and musical fountain.

Talkatora lake redevelopment project of Jaipur smart City Limited is part of the proposed sacred parikrama of Shri Krishna circuit floated by taking clues from Government of India’s Swadesh Darshan scheme for rediscovering one’s own country. While keeping Govind Dev Ji temple as the focus, the route connects important temples, heritage places like City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, public squares like Jaleb Chowk and gardens like Jai Niwas Bagh. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.35 Cr. approx.