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This is a unique project of Jaipur Smart City Limited to unclog the streets of Jaipur.  Unless immediate steps are taken Jaipur may find itself crawling at 4kmph — the pace of a human walking — in the next 10 years.

VMS display boards are an illuminating answer to frustrating traffic snarls in the city of Jaipur. Not only do intelligent signage help display information in a convenient and timely fashion to the citizens, it also provides a visual facelift to the area and complement other smart solutions being deployed under the Jaipur Smart City Project.

JSCL plans to deploy large roadside LED boards that will display real-time updates about congestion ahead and suggest alternative routes. These boards will further be used to display important civic information such as air quality index, pollution levels, weather updates, urgent announcements or emergency events. Initially, these boards will be placed at locations near congestion-prone crossroads, on arterial streets, and before flyovers that record large traffic volumes. The boards will be hard to miss as the size of the board planned is approximately 12 feet x 9 feet. Text messages in red will alert commuters about congestions and those in green will suggest a jam-free detour that the motorists can take.

These display boards would be connected to JSCL server which will ensure the updated content on a timely basis.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs.5.70 Cr. and the project would be completed in a phased manner.