CEO Speaks

CEO Speaks

Often technology is forced in every aspect of urban planning. The word ‘Smart’ is usually thought and referred to digital things. However, the main goal of the smart city is to become the hub of infrastructure, to meet the needs of modern society.

In JSCL we aim to bring better transport by pedestrianization, Non-Motorized Transport usage, proper signage for smooth mobility, and improved parking facilities to reduce congestion on roads. Our aim is 24x7 water supply to citizens of Jaipur with smart metering and quality monitoring systems, with a focus on reducing non-revenue water.

Spatial planning of the city is aimed by using landscaping, utilizing of unused land, increasing green cover, removing the visual clutter and facade improvement to beautify the heritage buildings of Jaipur.

Sanitization of the city is in the top priority. The aim is to provide 100% access to toilets, even to street dwellers. This is being planned by clean public toilets and introducing e toilets to reduce the usage of water is public facilities.

Solid Waste management is on top priority. This is being ensured by the door to door collection of garbage. We are also trying to educate citizens to segregate the garbage at their level so that the processing of garbage gets much faster. Biodegradable waste is getting processed by waste to energy processing plants. We are sure with the support of residents of Jaipur the processing of both solid waste and non-solid waste would improve. Registration of rag pickers is also planned so that they can be part of the mainstream for the segregation of waste material.

Work is under process to digitalize Jaipur and make it free Wi-Fi zone. Seamless connectivity is planned through smart poles to make the life of Jaipur residents much more comfortable. This would help the citizens to use technology with ease.

Education through smart classrooms has already been planned. 15 Govt schools of Jaipur have been identified to start it in a phased manner. We are sure that by the time these schools reopens after summer vacations, children of these schools would be able to access these for their education.

Development of a city comes in a phased manner. The dream of making Jaipur a smart city is possible and will be done through a series of changes in governance, planning, design, and socio-economic changes.

I am sure JSCL will find innovative and inclusive solutions to intractable problems. Our focus is sustainable development with the use of new technology.