Smart Multi Modal Mobility

Smart Multi Modal Mobility

The basic idea of multi modal mobility is integrating the multiple modes of public transport for the use of easy accessibility. This would be done by information integration at pan city level, unified payment mechanism at city level and integrating the non-motorized transport connectivity in ABD area. The basic advantage of multi modal mobility would be unified service quality standards for the user.

For seamless multi modal public transit, transit operations centres would be made which would monitor and manage live public transit data. This would help in managing the fleet to its maximum capacities and provide dynamic information to public.


Projects under Smart Multi Modal Mobility

This is a unique project of Jaipur Smart City Limited to unclog the streets of Jaipur. Unless immediate steps are taken Jaipur may find itself crawling at 4kmph — the pace of a human walking — in the next 10 years.

VMS display boards are an illuminating answer to frustrating traffic snarls in the city of Jaipur. Not only do intelligent signage help display information in a convenient and timely fashion to the citizens, it also provides a visual facelift to the area and complement other smart solutions being deployed under the Jaipur Smart City Project.

JSCL plans to deploy large roadside LED boards that will display real-time updates about congestion ahead and suggest alternative routes. These boards will further be used to display important civic information such as air quality index, pollution levels, weather updates, urgent announcements or emergency events. Initially, these boards will be placed at locations near congestion-prone crossroads, on arterial streets, and before flyovers that record large traffic volumes. The boards will be hard to miss as the size of the board planned is approximately 12 feet x 9 feet. Text messages in red will alert commuters about congestions and those in green will suggest a jam-free detour that the motorists can take.

These display boards would be connected to JSCL server which will ensure the updated content on a timely basis.

The estimated cost of the project is Rs.5.70 Cr. and the project would be completed in a phased manner.

Integrated Transit Management System (ITMS) is one of the projects of Jaipur Smart City Limited which is to be implemented in the city to optimize the operation and facilitate both commuters and the operators of the public transport system.

Any commuter who wish to board the bus from nearest bus-stop to his place of the visit can get the information about ETA of the buses for his route in advance and plan his journey accordingly. The major components of the ITMS system would be

  • Automatic Vehicle Location System
  • Passenger Information System
  • Vehicle Scheduling and Dispatching System
  • Fare Collection System
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Management Information System and Data Analytics
  • Journey Planner (both mobile and web application)
  • Operations Centre & Satellite Control Centers

The AVLS system will be used to locate city buses and knowing the operating parameters like speed, direction etc. The system shall be connected to CCC via wireless communication system provided using GSM /GPRS / 3G system. It is also proposed to have cameras to capture the incidence inside the buses.

The bus-stations shall be equipped with a LED-based PIS display to deliver Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of city buses at individual stations. The PIS displays shall be connected to Central Control Centre (CCC) via a wireless interface like GSM / GPRS / 3G for data exchange purposes.

Vehicle Scheduling/dispatch software will be used to aid designing and modifying transit routes. It will also be used to route, schedule, and dispatch vehicles in demand response operations. The application will be combined GIS and AVL to coordinate different transit functions.

Through the use of web portal and mobile app, the commuters will be able to know the Expected Time of Arrival of City Buses and plan their journey accordingly.


The common Ticketing system is a unique project of Jaipur Smart City Limited. It is based on the use of open-loop standard based contactless smart card working on the methodology of ‘tap and go’ to pay for the different services offered by different government agencies and private operators. The project will benefit the commuters in seamless transport between city buses and metro in the city.

This is one project which will integrate all the serviced of the Government in times to come in a phased manner. These cards would be linked to central clearinghouse system and can be used by anyone for a common payment in JSCLT buses, Jaipur metro, metro parking, etc.

The project is to be implemented in two phases. The first phase will cover ticketing for transport in city buses & metro, ticketing at monuments & heritage sites in Jaipur and payments at shopping malls and retailers. The second phase will cover ticketing for transport in mini-buses, payment of property tax / urban development tax in Jaipur city, ticketing at parking stands, ticketing at Bicycle Sharing Stands, for payment towards taxi services and payment through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile payment, mobile wallet etc.

The details of this project are getting worked out and once it is implemented, it will change the experience of the user altogether.