Vision Statement and Goals

Vision Statement and Goals

The vision statement of JSCL has emerged from consulting people of all walks of life, previously prepared city documents like City Development Plan/ Master Development Plan of Jaipur city, and self- assessment relating to its city profile etc.

The Vision statement states:

“ Jaipur smart city aspires to enhance the quality of life for its citizens, and to leverage its heritage and tourism through innovative and inclusive solutions ”

Jaipur smart city is working on the following goals which are aligned to the vision statement

Smart Heritage and Tourism Precinct

Adaptive reuse of old heritage buildings in project area with an aim to conserve heritage and promote tourism with increase of average tourist time spent in Jaipur from 2.8 days to 3.5 days by 2025.

Smart Mobility

Improve pedestrian mobility in the area by increased Non-Motorized Transport share from 15% to 25% and 100% barrier free access in the area by 2019

Smart and Sustainable Civic Infrastructure

Enable coverage and monitoring of 100% smart meters for water connections and 100% coverage of door to door collection adopting technology to dispose waste in environment friendly manner by 2019.

Smart Multi Modal Mobility

Increase the stare of public transport to 45% of total trips made in city by 2025.

Smart Solid Waste Management

Enable coverage and monitoring of 100% of solid waste management operations resulting in 10% reduction in the cost of operations by 2019.